Covid - 19 Policy

Summer camp is the highlight of our campers year and crucially important for families. We value your trust and camper safety is always our top priority. In response to the global pandemic we have carefully examined all of our policies and are approaching this summer with heightened vigilance.

We believe that our leadership team of physical education teachers are best situated to deliver a safe, but still robust sports program during these difficult times.

How are you planning for the summer?

We are planning for camp to open on July 12th, 2021 and are daily considering the dynamic situation of the pandemic.  We are in regular contact with multiple medical professionals and follow all public health recommendations and government mandates.  We are ready to respond to a number of different scenarios and we, as well as our advisors, are confident in our plan to be fully operational in 2021.

What are you doing to ensure camper safety this summer?

Safety is always our top priority at Rouge Camps.  We will be following the latest recommendations from public health, the provincial government, and Ontario Camps Association on gatherings, cleaning, sanitizing and other public health guidelines.  Our objective is to create spaces that are safe and where kids can be kids.

Below is our current 12 point plan summary to keep campers safe in 2021:

Safety Guideline #1: Health screening questionnaire to be answered for each camper prior to arriving each day.  This is overseen by a Nursing Student with COVID-19 screening experience in medical settings in our new Healthcare Manager role.

Safety Guideline #2: Wearing masks (we recommend families to pack 2+ masks daily for each camper and 3 layered masks are recommended).

Masks will be mandatory inside.  During activities, especially sports involving cardio, there will be “air breaks” where campers move outside and distance 2+ meters apart before taking off their masks in a static environment.  These air breaks will approximately every 10 minutes, depending on the intensity activity.  This is necessary for cardio activities with masks and has been working effectively in physical education programs during the pandemic.

Outdoors masks will be used, with “air breaks” for any activity that cannot guarantee 2+ meters of distancing.  

Eg. Dance class outdoors could be masks off for the majority of the time if distancing of 2+ meters can be maintained.

Eg. Soccer outdoors would require masks, with periodic stationary “air breaks”.

Safety Guideline #3: Campers cohorts of 16 or less that do not mix with other cohorts.

Safety Guideline #4: Regular hand hygiene breaks with ample supply of sanitizer available for each cohort and at key areas.

Safety Guideline #5: Use of implements such as pool noodles for activities to avoid campers touching.

Safety Guideline #6: Cleaning staff at each camp location, for regular cleaning of high contact surfaces.  We have hired an additional full time cleaner in addition to YRDSB care takers on site.  Further we have purchased electrostatic sprayers that use child friendly disinfectant. 

Safety Guideline #7: Sanitizing shared equipment before and after use.

Safety Guideline #8: Floor tape to help campers visualize appropriate social distancing when possible.

Safety Guideline #9: Enhanced staff training.

Safety Guideline #10: Modifying activities to promote distancing (eg. separate base for fielding team and batting team and no tag plays in baseball).

Safety Guideline #11: Outdoor snacks and lunches when the weather permits to keep these key times safe and fun.  We’ve heard that elementary lunch times have enforced rules with no shouting, singing or speaking loudly.  We want to avoid this type of environment and moving lunch outdoors allows for this.

Safety Guideline #12: Regular communication to encourage families to abide by all public health recommendations and limit additional socialization while attending Rouge Camps. 

Will camp be indoors or outdoors this summer?

Typically our camp is 50% outdoors and 50% indoors.  This year we are planning our schedule to be 70%+ outdoors and the remaining time indoors due to the pandemic.  We will be able to achieve this by moving snacks, lunch, open gym (recess), and select activities outdoors.  Activities such as badminton will remain indoors since the benefit to playing on proper standards is significant.  Also, during the heat of the day, there will be more activities scheduled indoors as we continue to practice sun safety.  We have purchased an extra 30 foot by 10 foot tent for each location to allow for sun safety to be practiced and misting stations as we increase our time spent outdoors.

What happens if my camper needs to stay home due to exposure to COVID-19?

In the event that a camper has been exposed to someone who tested positive to COVID-19, then all public health procedures will be followed.  A credit will be provided that can be used at a later date for the number of days of camp that were missed due to isolating.

Weeks 1-3: Credit to be used later during the summer of 2021

Week 4: Credit to be used in Week 5 or in 2022

Week 5: Credit to be used in 2022

What is an electrostatic sprayer?

Each An electrostatic sprayer is a machine that sprays sanitizer, but charges the sanitizing fluid on the way out the nozzle, allowing the sanitizer to cling to all surfaces of an object.  Essentially, it provides enhanced cleaning by evenly spreading the sanitizer on objects and ensuring that the sanitizer clings to a surface long enough to kill bacteria and virus.  Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation:

What will happen in the event of a government shut down?

If there is a government mandated shut down, then all monies paid will be refunded in full, with no fees.  This is what families enrolled in Rouge Camps in 2020 received when we decided not to operate and what families enrolled in 2021 will receive if our hand is forced.

What program changes are you making?

Our program will be similar to previous years.  This is possible through the use of PPE, adapted procedures, camper cohorts, vigilant hand hygiene and regular cleaning.  

Unfortunately, this means that our Camp Wide Activity will not join all age groups in 2021, however the core of our sports based program will remain intact with minor modifications to certain activities.  Mask wearing and sanitizing measures make this possible.  Despite Camp Wide Activity not being possible in 2021 in the way that your campers have come to know it, our staff are highly creative and we will be delivering Camp Wide Activity in new and exciting ways that allow campers to stay in their cohorts of 15 or less.

What are you doing to be able to effectively assist public health in contract tracing efforts?

Each day we take attendance at camp, which we will use as a record for public health if needed.  Our program is designed in 2021 to keep campers in cohorts of 15 campers or less who will not be mixing.  Our staff will be attending a mandatory week long training program in which we will be extensively detailing with them our protocols to ensure that campers are not cross contaminating between cohorts.  We known for our excellent staff, which is why we feel confident that we will be able to meaningfully implement public health guidelines. 

Is there financial assistance in place for families with reduced income in 2021?

We have expanded our financial assistance program this summer to account for families who have lost significant income due to the pandemic in addition to our regular financial assistance program.  Please visit our Rouge Gives page for more information.

I have more questions, how do I get answers?

Reach out to us at 905-460-7446 or send an email to

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