Rouge Gives

Teaching campers to help those less fortunate

We believe that we have a wonderful opportunity to model good character for our campers. We model this as often as we can, including through two formal programs.

1. Impact Romania

Through Impact Romania, we teach our campers about those in need in a camper-friendly way.
We are a camp organization that is committed to our motto of teaching life through sport.  Part of this motto is brought to life through our character development program.
We empower our campers by giving them the opportunity to help make a positive difference in the world by actively raising funds to send orphans to camp in Romania. Participation in fundraising is designed to be fun and is 100% optional.

How To Get Involved?

Donate through our one of several ways:
Your impact is doubled as we match your donation dollar for dollar.

1. Our registration system (through any location)

2. Pledging to a camper

3. At the registration table at drop-off or pick-up

4. Directly to International Teams here

5. Participating in our fundraising events, see below for more information

2. Financial Assistance Program

We offer up to 3 spaces each week at our camps as part of our Financial Assistance Program.  We want to fill this program in 2021, so please send in your applications and tell your friends about the program. In order to increase the potential for more spaces offered with subsidy, we require all applicants to complete the the KIC (Kids at Camp) application process. 

Application Process:

1. Combined gross household income must be below $80,000.  Proof of income must be provided (line 150 of tax return).  Proof of income Statements or Notice of Assessments from the previous two years are mandatory.  

2. Camper must be between the ages of 4 – 15 and reside in Ontario.

3. Email and he will initiate the application process with Kids in Camp.

4. Call us at 905-460-7446 or email with any questions.

*Acceptance into the program will be based on the date the application is received and upon need.

Teaching Life
Through Sport
905 460 7446