Leadership in Training

For ages 13 - 15 looking to grow their leadership potential

Become a leader

Doing a leadership program at camp is the ideal environment.  Early teens often lack the confidence or don’t have the tools to excel in leadership positions.  At Rouge Camps, participants can grow in confidence with campers who look up to them, work alongside our team of exceptional counsellors and receive guidance from our teacher directors!  

Public Speaking
Self Awareness
Personality Tests
Team Building
Business Case Studies
Ample Leadership Opportunity
Leadership Theory
Challenging Tasks
Much More!


At Rouge Camps we call our LIT participants, LIT kids!  They get to enjoy both the benefits of being a staff member and a camper.  We call them kids to help them stay humble!

LIT Session
These are instructional periods led by the LIT counsellor, one of our Teacher Directors or a guest speaker.  These sessions are typically, but not necessarily in a classroom setting.

Section Support
LIT kids will work with all four of our age groups over the course of the summer.  LIT kids will have the chance to shadow counsellors, lead warm ups and eventually lead their own period!  Counsellors will provide feedback along the way, which is shared with the LIT kids in a supportive feedback meeting.

Free Elective
LIT kids, get to be kids  and participate as a camper where ever they’d like!

Fully themed camp style games (capture the flag, mission impossible, station games, and more!) that are a Rouge Camps distinctive and camper favourite.  LIT kids take lead roles by the end of the summer in acting out the story lines and getting campers pumped up!

Camp-Wide-Activity Support

During this period our LIT kids are furiously constructing costumes, setting up stations and anything else that the Program Coordinator needs to make Camp-Wide-Activity a reality.  LIT kids learn to deal with pressure, assuming more and more responsibility as the LIT session moves forward.

Work Periods
During these Periods LIT kids get to be together just with other LIT kids.  They use this time to work on tasks that have been assigned to them during their LIT sessions.  



Ages 13-15

• Modules are derived from leading business, educational and youth leadership lectures.
• Guest speakers who are leaders in various fields (coaching, youth leadership, business, law, education)
• 3-week program with two session options:

Session #1: July 12 – July 30, 2021

Session #1: August 3 – Aug. 20, 2021

Emphasis on self-discovery, confidence building, and encouragement for participants to be able to stand and invite others with them to make a positive contribution in their school and community. 


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