Qualified Teacher Directors

Each of our Camp Directors is a certified teacher with Physical Education or coach experience. Who's in charge matters and our Directors know how to structure activities, maximizing camper engagement and fun in a safe environment. Also, our professional management staff understand what parents need with easy drop-off procedures, daily email recaps and Instagram updates throughout the day!
Top Rated Staff
Happy Campers per week

An Overnight Camp Feel!

 Even though we are sports based day camps, campers always remember our highlight of the day most vividly: Camp-Wide-Activity.

Camp-Wide-Activities are fully themed camp style games where our counsellors get dressed up into costume and bring to life some form of popular media that our campers know and are excited about.  A skit introduces the game and then different tasks and objectives are explained and campers get to participate in the story line.  You certainly do not need to be an athlete to love Rouge Camps!


Improve in movement skills, stay mentally sharp through educational periods and themed programming designed to spark the imagination.                                                                                                                                                    


Fun is central to what we do and injected all throughout our program!  Teachers provide the right amount of structure, but having your camper come home talking about their day packed full of FUN is the goal!


Each day begins with a Character Trait and empathy is always modeled and encouraged. Campers have the opportunity to raise funds for those in need, twice each summer.

Best-In-Class Staff

Our counsellors are top university students and high school seniors hand-picked from our network of teachers.  Our 4-5 year olds have an OCT, ECE or Teachers College Candidate leading their groups. 

Our staff are the reason we're rated 9+/10!

A Mouth Watering Menu!

We are thrilled to be partnering with Healthy Now to provide a menu designed for kids to love, with home made healthy ingredients.  

Meal Plans are an add on feature and around 50% of our families opt in and 50% choose to pack a lunch.

Give your child the gift of camp this summer!

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