What is our podcast?

Our podcast is designed for you to gain more in depth information on who we are as a camp if you are a parent looking into Rouge Camps.  If you are already a part of the community, the podcast is a way for you to stay current with what is happening in the Rouge Camps community.  We will be speaking with various staff member past and present to highlight to discuss current events, celebrate accomplishments, and maybe gain some insight.

Episode 1

Adam & Karen, from Markham Moms, discuss whether or not camp is realistically going to happen in 2021 as well as what camp will look like.  (March 1, 2021)

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Episode 2

Co-founders Adam and Barry recall the vision and the process of turning Rouge Camps from an idea into a reality. Find out more about the DNA of the camp in this story of the origins of Rouge Camps.  (March 10, 2021)

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