Become a leader

Camp is the ideal environment is the ideal environment to grow as a leader.  Early teens often lack the confidence or don’t have the tools to excel in leadership positions.  When you are surrounded by campers that look up to you, high achieving staff and Teacher Directors who want you to succeed the conditions are in place for you to develop.

Public Speaking
Self Awareness
Personality Tests
Team Building
Business Case Studies
Ample Leadership Opportunity
Leadership Theory
Challenging Tasks
Much More!


At Rouge Camps we call our LIT participants, LIT kids!  They get to enjoy both the benefits of being a staff member and a camper.  Below are different sessions that our LIT participants work on.

LIT Session – leadership theory

Section Support – Leadership observation and application

Free Elective – A chance support where you like

Camp-Wide-Activity Support – Creative costume design and camp game ideas

Work Periods – Prep for LIT led events



Ages 13-15

• Modules are derived from leading business, educational and youth leadership lectures.
• 3-week program with two session options:


Session #1: July 8 – July 6, 2024

Session #2: July 29 – Aug. 16, 2024

* By the end of the 3-Week session we aim to move our LIT’s from being able to lead a short activity to leading a full 1-hour long period of programming.

  • * Session #2 has unique programming from Session #1 and can be completed consecutively. 

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