As teachers we are unified in our goal to help young people reach their full potential. We build teams of counsellors that are empathetic, intelligent, active and love to work with kids. We strive to be the premier youth employer in the GTA.

Why work at camp?

  1. 1. Develop skills and gain experience that translates to any industry
    2. Meet and work with like-minded people
  2. 3. Get outdoors and stay active
  3. 4. Make a positive impact in the lives of your campers as well as in your own life
  4. 5. Get real leadership experience
  5. 6. Create lifelong memories and friendships!

Summer 2023 Employment

We offer employment opportunities for Students and Teachers.  Our summer employment are: Staff Training Conference (July 3 – 7, 2023) and Summer Camp (July 10 – August 18, 2023). All of our positions include 1 hour of unpaid breaks daily, for 35 hrs/wk on average. Below is a list of available positions: 

Counsellor ($15/hr)
a. responsible for the care, delivery of program, enjoyment and inspiration of a group of campers with a co-counsellor.
b. sport instruction, camper management, planning, and more. 
c. age groups: rabbits (4-5), deer (6-7), foxes (8-10) & bears (11-13)
Lead Counsellor ($16-17/hr)
a. take on leadership for an age group, being accountable for the success of the group
b. responsible for the care, delivery of program, enjoyment and inspiration of a group of campers with a co-counsellor.
c. sport instruction, camper management, planning, and more.
d. age groups: deer (6-7), foxes (8-10) & bears (11-13)
Leadership-in-Training Counsellor ($17.50/hr)
a. responsible for developing and implementing a leadership program
b. mentorship for a group of 6 – 12 young aspiring leaders
c. planning fully themed Camp-Wide-Activities daily with the Assistant Director and coordinating LIT participant involvement
d. age group: 13 – 15
Rabbit Director (ECE, OCT qualifications or Teachers College experience required; $20+/hr ; $23+ for OCT qualifications)
a. responsible for the development and implementation of an organized, engaging, safe and fun program
b. provide leadership and mentorship for counsellors under care
c. age group: 4 – 5
Equipment Manager ($200/wk)
a. set up, take down, sign out and organization of storage of sports/camp equipment
b. filling in staffing gaps and assisting the camp directors as needed
c. santizing equipment and high touch surfaces using Health Canada approved sanitizer utilizing an electrostatic sprayer daily
d. assisting the camp leadership as needed
Utility Player ($200/wk)
a. filling in sick staff members
b. ready to assist in the logistics and implementation of camp activities as needed
Healthcare Manager ($15/hr)
a. COVID-19 screening and healthcare reporting
b. first responder to camp first aid calls
c. assisting with marketing and other administrative duties
d. covering counsellor breaks to develop rapport with campers
Registration Manager ($15+/hr)
a. answering the phone and responding to emails 
b. managing camper registration, while meeting parent needs and filling available spaces
c. representing Rouge Camps positively in all communications
d. delivering on marketing programs and other administrative duties
Assistant Director ($18+/hr)
a. training, mentorship, management and inspiration of staff
b. camper management and parent communication 
c. camper and parent experience
d. designing and implementing fully themed camp-style games daily
Camp Director (OCT qualifications with HPE specialist ; $1250-$2250/wk)
a. camp culture focused on staff development, camper and parent experience
b. developing and enhancing camp policies and procedures
c. training and mentorship of leadership staff and all staff
d. ensuring camper, parent and staff satisfaction scores of 9+/10 or higher
e. grow the demand for Rouge Camps


Volunteer / Charity Opportunities

Our volunteer opportunities are facilitated through the Rouge Gives not-for-profit organization.  Volunteer positions require a minimum of 1 week of commitment.  We can provide volunteer hours that count towards High School OSSD 40 hours of volunteering requirements. 

Transportation Coordinator ($250/week)

a. drive recipient campers to and from camp.  Vulnerable Sector Screening and G-class Ontario Drivers License with no demerit points is required. 

b. pick up campers of Rouge Gives recipient families and drive to camp in the morning and home in the afternoon.

c. gas is covered

d. $50/day

Project Coordinator ($15/hr ; July 3 – Aug. 18, 2023)

a. communication with potential donors and donors

b. development of informational materials for future fundraising campaigns

c. communicating with recipient families ensuring an enjoyable and welcoming experience throughout their camper’s time at Rouge Camps 

d. coordinate and ensure transportation to and from camp for all Rouge Gives recipient families requiring this service

e. planning and implementing the Rouge Gives fundraisers.  This involves coordinating a staff of around 150 people with a fundraising goal of $15,000.00 in 2023!

Special Education Teacher (35 hrs / wk ; July 4 – July 15, 2022)

a. development and implementation of curriculum for campers with exceptionalities into the camp program

b. if available, training of Special Education Volunteers

c. ensuring a satisfaction score of 9+/10 for recipient campers and their parents.

Special Education Counsellor ($15/hr)


a. providing 1:1 support for campers with exceptionalities as they attend a Rouge Camps program

b. implementing additional programming for campers with exceptionalities when they require modifications to the general program.


*email with questions