What is ROUGE-botics?

  • No prior robotics experience is necessary!

  • Ages 8-13

  • Two 1.25 hour robotics sessions daily.

  • One hour of each Sports and Camp-Wide-Activity daily  

  • Keep a robotics kit with a value of $150.00 CAD

  • Intro to robotics, robotics development, robotics coding and robotics challenges/competitions!

  • Rouge-botics is only available at Rouge Camps (Richmond Hill - Romeo Dallaire PS) during Week 3 (July 22-26, 2024)

What is robotics?

  • Robotics is the interdisciplinary study and practice of the design, construction, operation, and use of robots.

  • design and construction aspects fall under the umbrella of Mechanical Engineering.  The operation and use aspects fall under the umbrella of Computer Science.  

  • At Rouge Camps our approach is collaborative, interactive, attainable and fun.  The screen time is limited to what is necessary and the camper interaction, learning and fun is given priority!

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