In 2013, two high school physical education teachers were discussing how positive the influence of camp was on their lives and how great it would be to own a camp. That day they decided to pursue this dream, recognizing that they had the professional knowledge, passion for youth development and network to turn the dream in a reality. They chose the name Rouge Valley Sports Camp, due to the first camp location's proximity of the Rouge River in Markham and started planning for the first week of camp. Three years later, Rouge Hill Sports Camp, started serving the Richmond Hill area. Upon deciding to open a third Woodbridge location in 2020, we are now known as Rouge Camps!

Our team of teachers has grown, but all of us believe in the importance of instilling a love of being physically active in young people. We are increasingly committed to the vision of delivering highly active camps that bring the summer-overnight-camp feel to the city-day-camp experience. We have learned that the best recipe for delivering the best possible camp experience is selecting the best staff, training them strategically, and mentoring them authentically. We take pride in seeing campers grow in confidence and ability all while having FUN! At Rouge Camps we are always teaching life through sport!

For more on the origins of Rouge Camps, watch/listen to our founders tell the full story below. (*Recorded March 12, 2021).

Adam Buchnea, O.C.T


Rouge Camps is a passion for Adam, who has built the camps from a dream into a full-service day camp provider that meets the needs of parents and campers across York Region. Being a Health & Physical Education Teacher and part of the camp industry for 20+ years have well equipped him to equip other teachers with the tools they need to run amazing camps. He enjoys continually building positive environments where campers develop the confidence to step out of their comfort zones. Adam spends his spare time with his family and when time permits, coaching, golfing or playing tennis.

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